Help Searching the Register

Search the register by using the ‘Search’ box at the top right of the table, using the headings in the table, or the post code if you know the address. Note, the post code will find the relevant table line, which you can then open. This search will provide details on all currently active Permits.

Once you have located the information you want to view in the table, open the green button on the left hand side of the table, at the start of the row, by clicking it. Further information on the operator and site is then provided within the table.

A link to the documents is also available. If no documents are available, please contact Before you click on the document link, please review the information below on what you will see. Click on the link to open the register when you are ready.

Public register folder structure

The documents you will find on the PPC Part A Public Register are all public register items under Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2012 (PPC Part A).

The documents are grouped into PPC permit bundles, with all documents relating to one site/operator. The bundles will be housed in a series of folders. When opened, the folders will reveal sub folders and/or documents. Opening sub folders will also reveal associated documents.

The Folder/Sub folder/file structure of each permit will appear as shown in the table below.

Folder name

Sub folders



Formal docs

You will not find the permit or licence in this folder. You will find information regarding any enforcement action taken against the operator at this site (subject to Public Register requirements i.e. not all enforcement information is public and therefore may not be shown).

All documents will be Enforcement Notices, Information Notices or correspondence.

Permit Determination and Administration

Adverts and representations

All documentation relating to adverts placed in the press and other media, representations received as a result of adverts and consultation details.


All correspondence between SEPA and the operator that is subject to public register requirements.

Formal documents

All documentation in respect of applications, licences, permits, variations, surrenders, transfers relating to the site and operator. Note: there may be multiple documents for a permit, application, etc. and a review of multiple documents may be necessary to view all permit conditions.

Monitoring and reports

All monitoring and inspection information relating to the site that have been collected by SEPA, and published subject to public register requirements.