Public Register Scotland

Help with the online search
You can search for:
  • Licence number – the number SEPA uses to help manage the activity, and which is listed on all documentation relating to that activity.
  • Operator – the name of the organisation managing the site and licence.
  • Site name - the name we use to identify the site, which can also be the address. (Note, the post code will find the relevant table line, which you can then open).

If you do not know the name, address or licence number of the site you want to view, please call 03000 996699 and ask for Registry. More information on searching is available in the Help page.

Search the register by using the ‘Search’ box at the top right of the table, using the headings in the table, or the post code if you know the address. Note, the post code will find the relevant table line, which you can then open.

Once you have located the information you want to view in the table, open the green button on the left hand side of the table, at the start of the row, by clicking it. Further information on the operator and site is then provided within the table, including the current status of the licence.

Status of licence definitions

  • Granted – SEPA has issued a Licence to an Operator
  • Revoked – SEPA has removed a Licence from an Operator
  • Surrendered in Full – an Operator has surrendered their Licence as the activity has ceased
  • Suspended – SEPA has suspended a Licence due to enforcement action
  • Non Stat Term – the Licence has been terminated by SEPA as the Operator no longer exists (e.g. Company has been dissolved)

A link to the documents is also available. If no documents are available, please contact Before you click on the document link, please review the information in our Public Register Explained below on what you will see. Click on the link to open the register when you are ready.